• Cour ecole 2015 4

    Create school facility

    2010 Creation of the school with a plastic tent and 10 chairs. 2011 Main building is built with two class rooms and 35 students registered. 2012 Number of children is multiplied by five, building is reshaped, third classroom is created and school equipment improved. Creation and initial cleaning of the

  • AVRIL 15.4

    Develop education based on community’s needs

    Initial purpose of the school was to teach English and French as a supplement to the education supplied by the Cambodian government. As many pupils were lacking basic knowledge it became necessary to expand education scope. School program now includes 4 levels of English, 2 levels of Khmer and initiation

  • Photo classe 2013 2

    Get children prepared to fit in modern world

    An evaluation program has been implemented to help organize class rooms with homogeneous levels but also to teach motivation and pride of work well done to children who did not get the importance of examinations and diplomas in the Cambodian education system. Also basic rules implemented for the school teach