They all helped us

The school has been supported by many contributors who believed and invested in this project. The children of the school are very much aware of the luck they have and thank the donors with their desire to learn and their cheerfulness.

We were also accompanied by numerous volunteers who came to the school and all of them left something behind them. Those who stayed enough time to learn Khmer and understand a little better this very different culture were able to assist in our school program as a tutor or a teacher’s aide.If you go to the school you will certainly hear about Logan Aytes, a young volunteer of Peace Corp who followed the first steps of the school during 2 years; just like of Eugénie Avram who stayed 6 months and during that time implemented the teachers follow-up methodology and documented the school life rules.

Eugenie 1 Logan Fresques 2015 2 IMG_8738 P1070362 

Then there were all those who came to the school, Laura, Martin, Marie, Carla, contributing each of them in their own way, cleaning, painting, gardening, assisting staff with day-to-day duties. They also brought to the children a little of their personality and an opening on the outside world.

Finally other people provided a precious help for this great adventure to take shape. They all came with their expertise: Cedric Marc and O’Patrimoine team for the financial aspects, Isabelle Vincent, Arnaud Roiron and Delphine of VRL Avocats for legal advices; Sith Luangkhot and Yassine Rahal for the creation of the website; Marion Bolze for the accounts certification.