• Biblio 2015 6

    Help children to prepare their future

    We now have pupils more than 15 years old who have a correct level of English and we would like to help them find the job they want. For them a group has been created, the Share Group, for which we organize activities in parallel of formal education. Objective is

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    Facilitate access to the school

    School area is very wide and home are dispersed in the land. Children have to cover large distances with dangerous roads. We first invested on various means of transportation, first a tuk tuk, then a mini bus, but it turned out to be expensive and difficult to manage. Most of

  • JC Water 3

    Supply drinkable water

    Cambodia is not missing water, but purified water is a luxury that poor families cannot afford, this is causing frequent health problems.   Information campaigns were run to teach families how to boil the water and preserve it, but this was long and hard work. Our school director decided to