Our story

Jean-Cyril School is born from the meeting of a Cambodian with a French family who shared the same hope to give a chance to disadvantaged children by providing them education.

A first subsidy was granted in 2011 to build a school building. The speed and efficiency of execution, the arrival of three young teachers, the dynamism and charisma of the team which managed to attract an increasing number of pupils proved that this project deserved to be supported.

Initial thought was to focus mainly on foreign languages, English and French. The school in between Angkor and Phnom Penh being far from any city and most of the children suffering from significant gaps, it became quickly obvious that more education support was required in Khmer to help children who dropped public school or miss basic knowledge

Thanks to the generosity of all those who supported the project a school was built and is now running with 7 teachers and a director. It is now necessary to secure and improve the educational program, find and train the teachers, help older pupils to grow and evolve towards other structures if appropriate. But most important is now to keep the hope we introduced in the village alive.

Now they need us!

The name of the school came from a young boy who left us too early but had already understood that there is so much you can do in life with love, commitment and a smile. This school is a testimony of that and is a place where children can grow and learn what they need to get a better life