Fresques 2015 1  Diplome Eugenie

Your support can be financial but we are also interested in skills sharing and personal contributions. Jean-Cyril School became what it is today thanks to the generosity, the energy and the skills of several volunteers. We welcome foreigners who help create bridges with this Cambodian community and the world surrounding them.

You are ready to live for a few months with a different culture, you love the children and want to share with them what you know, you want to use your skills to help people who have almost nothing, then CONTACT US. We will provide home stay at school location and you will be invited in the director’s family who values very much those exchanges.

For those who cannot stay for a very long time, it is possible to come to the school within the framework of a specific action or project. Previous volunteers have helped with painting projects, donations to poor families, cleaning of the garden as well as assisting staff with day-to-day duties There is always the opportunity to share with the young students, a smile, a game, sport, or co-teach an English or French class alongside Khmer teacher. The help and service of our volunteers are very much appreciated and spending time in the school can have a lasting impact on a volunteer, for some, it has been a life-changing experience. Visits need to be prepared and approved by the school Director.

A 5 $ contribution per day will be asked to volunteers to pay for the food and the drinks much more luxurious when there are “guests” due to Cambodian hospitality.