Help children to prepare their future

We now have pupils more than 15 years old who have a correct level of English and we would like to help them find the job they want. For them a group has been created, the Share Group, for which we organize activities in parallel of formal education. Objective is to make the children meet new people, have the opportunity to discuss and open their mind. In 2014 sessions were organized on hygiene (information meeting on the hands wash), the Khmer culture (visit of two temples), the poverty and the diversity (visit of two nearby villages), the environment (visit of close sites) or the work in a fish farm. This group is a mean of opening on the world and a privileged opportunity of informal exchange with these few students.

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We try to favor meetings with various professionals (sale on the market, restaurant businesses) and we expect a lot from exchanges with local NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). Some activities have already been organized with Peace Corp and we are in touch with other organizations which could turn out to be useful for some of the school pupils. This becomes a priority for the school because it is now necessary to prove that education opens new doors for the children who came to the school.
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