Create school facility

2010 Creation of the school with a plastic tent and 10 chairs.

2011 Main building is built with two class rooms and 35 students registered.
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2012 Number of children is multiplied by five, building is reshaped, third classroom is created and school equipment improved. Creation and initial cleaning of the schoolyard.
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2013 Land next to the school is bought and a house in Cambodian style is built to welcome teachers. Ground floor is also used to host outdoor classes. Toilets are created for children.
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2014 An extension in concrete under the Cambodian house allows to fit two new classes and two rooms for volunteers. Backyard behind the school is cleaned and fitted out and a kitchen is built to continue the sanitization of the schoolyard.

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2015 School is completely repainted inside and outside. Thanks to a book donation made by an NGO, SIPAR the first library of the region is opened inside of the school.

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Today, with the school success it is becoming too small and we have to consider an expansion of the school which will require buying of new land next to the school.

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